We Are TKU

TKU would not be the diverse institution that it is, without our extraordinary faculty and staff. Take a moment to meet our team.

President’s Cabinet

Dr. Jon Chasteen


Ashley Green, CPA

Vice President of Business Administration and CFO

Dr. David Cole

Provost | CAO | Dean of Jack W. Hayford School of Graduate Studies

Rhonda Davis

Vice President of Enrollment Management and Student Development

Directional Leadership Team

Bryan Chambers

Executive Director of Advancement

Dr. Daniel Davis

Executive Dean of Academic Affairs


Name Email Address Job Title
Alicka Cullison alicka.cullison@nulltku.edu Associate Director of Student Success
Allen Gutierrez allen.gutierrez@nulltku.edu Coordinator of Graduate Studies
Angela Pruis angela.pruis@nulltku.edu Director of Admissions
Barbara Storie barbara.storie@nulltku.edu Senior Assistant to the President
Bobbi Stringer bobbi.stringer@nulltku.edu Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Accreditation Liaison
Bree Empkey bree.empkey@nulltku.edu Coordinator of Human Resources
Brenda Chitunhu brenda.chitunhu@nulltku.edu Accounts Receivable and Payroll Clerk
Bridget Radke bridget.radke@nulltku.edu Administrative Assistant to Dean of Media and Worship Arts
Brittany Wilder brittany.wilder@nulltku.edu Administrative Assistant to Campus Life
Brooke Skiles brooke.skiles@nulltku.edu Marketing Coordinator
Danel Mason danel.mason@nulltku.edu Associate Director of Student Engagement
Daniel Hopkins daniel.hopkins@nulltku.edu Associate Director of Marketing and Communications
Danielle Carrico danielle.carrico@nulltku.edu Associate Director of Building and Operations
David Reyes david.reyes@nulltku.edu Director of Building and Operations
Denver Blackwell denver.blackwell@nulltku.edu Admissions Counselor
Derek Pritchett derek.pritchett@nulltku.edu Associate Registrar
Edmond Mugwanya edmond.mugwanya@nulltku.edu Information Technology Technician
Eric Scott eric.scott@nulltku.edu Associate Director of Campus Ministries
George Bander george.bander@nulltku.edu Research Analyst
Hannah Bowerman hannah.bowerman@nulltku.edu Recruitment Coordinator
Jason Trottie jason.trottie@nulltku.edu Coordinator of ChurchEd
Jennifer Bingham jennifer.bingham@nulltku.edu Library Assistant
Jennifer Steed jennifer.steed@nulltku.edu Director of Student Financial Services
Jessica Cook jessica.cook@nulltku.edu Graphic Designer
Jessica Fisher jessica.fisher@nulltku.edu Receptionist
Jordan Covarelli jordan.covarelli@nulltku.edu Coordinator of Music and Worship Studies
Jordan Kennedy jordan.kennedy@nulltku.edu Videographer
Josh Renken josh.renken@nulltku.edu Instructional Technology Specialist
Josh Sherman joshua.sherman@nulltku.edu Coordinator of Operations
Joyce Song joyce.song@nulltku.edu Systems Analyst
Julie Cole julie.cole@nulltku.edu Director of Campus Life
Kailyn Hilgardner kailyn.hilgardner@nulltku.edu Senior Assistant to the Vice President of Business Administration
Kristey Simmons kristey.simmons@nulltku.edu Senior Assistant to the Vice President of Enrollment Management and Student Development
Lana Vasquez lana.vasquez@nulltku.edu Campus Store Manager
LeAnn Doolittle leann.doolittle@nulltku.edu Coordinator of Student Accounts
Leanna Thompson leanna.thompson@nulltku.edu Administrative Director
Mark Lopez mark.lopez@nulltku.edu Recruitment Coordinator
Marlene Call marlene.call@nulltku.edu Senior Assistant to the Executive Dean of Academic Affairs
Matt Wilson matt.wilson@nulltku.edu Director of Information Technology
Megan Grondin megan.grondin@nulltku.edu Registrar and Director of Academic Services
Michael Keith michael.keith@nulltku.edu Director of Marketing and Information Systems
Nikki Kirkpatrick nikki.kirkpatrick@nulltku.edu Campus Visit Coordinator
Pauline Motts pauline.motts@nulltku.edu Director of Finance
Sara Farmer sara.farmer@nulltku.edu Associate Director of Advancement
Sarah Sanders sarah.sanders@nulltku.edu Associate Director of Institutional Research
Shelby Gillean shelby.gillean@nulltku.edu Administrative Assistant of Biblical Counseling and Marriage and Family Therapy
Stephanye Strider stephanye.strider@nulltku.edu Distance Education Coordinator
Tali Snow tali.snow@nulltku.edu Coordinator of Messianic Jewish Studies
Teresa Carpenter teresa.carpenter@nulltku.edu Administrative Assistant to Student Success
Tiffany Brittain tiffany.brittain@nulltku.edu Human Resources Manager
Tony Grondin tony.grondin@nulltku.edu Admissions Counselor
Tracey Lane tracey.lane@nulltku.edu Director of Library Services